2015 I celebrate 20 years of dancin' @ Swiss Park.
...Bridging The San Francisco Bay Area and The World in Dance!

Beast of Burden - Roy Verdonk; My Monday teach.

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Jessie Chan & Rita Cheng! You are HARD working Dancin' STARS in the San Francisco Bay Area! If they are on the floor, they KNOW the dance. Those of us watching can see, Do we want to learn 'that one'? Really Slow, Melancholy, or Very Fast music? My students listen & decide. In my classes, Plan B is always a possibility.

Battle Scars, Celebrate, Hard To Say It, & The Way You Look were new ones to see on the Swiss Park floor w/DJ John T.
Hard To Say It
(Niels Poulsen) I KNOW my students will enjoy the music: Hard To Say I'm Sorry - Chicago.
~Facebook Photo: Kai Kwong

The 11 new dances added to the BnB February Playlist: A Thousand Miles, Battle Scars, Celebrate, Hard To Say It, Lipz, Love Me Like You Do, My Way, Stars, The Way You Look, Too Blind to See, Turn the Beat Around. (Feb 20th playlist not posted on Facebook?, that I could find)
Congrats to Bay Area Choreographer Julia Wetzel! (She rarely gets to dance on the weekends w/US).
SIX on BnB February Playlists: Dear Future Husband, Earned It, Get Ready, One More Day, Ring My Bells & Wanna Be Contigo!

The SEVEN new dances added to the Feb 21st CQS playlist by DJ Millie: * her cruise teaches
*A Thousand Miles, *Beast of Burden, Earned It, *Memphis Love, *My Way, *Rock & Roll King and Yes.

The list of those attending Wild Wild West Reno is posted.
My Goal is to ONLY teach dances that will be done at that event.
Julia Wetzel will be teaching at the Reno Event; Earned It was an INSTANT class hit & FLOOR JAMMER @ Rita's CNY Social.
playlists LINKS are MY source of what is 'danced' on the West Coast & Rachael's playlist reflects the WORLD as she knows it.

Westhope Church Saratoga Intermediate Plus w/Doris & Carol
Second Saturday Saratoga Social March 14th $7 @ 7PM
Beast Of Burden 9:30-11:30 Monday March 2nd Playlist

Hard To Say It!
9:30-11:30 Thursday March 5th ASAP
Celebrating 12 years of teaching line dance in the San Francisco Bay Area!
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