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Jenny Brown demo/teach "Say Geronimo" (Ria Vos) INSTANT Class Hit.
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Photo: Maria Tao posted on Facebook August 16
Maria Tao + 15 students - their FIRST time @ Country Quick Steppers Social.
80+ on the floor w/DJ's Evelyn & Denny. Newest dances: Jan - L-O-V-E; Feb - New York 2 LA;
Mar - Laughter in the Rain; Apr - Baby Face (Maria Tao) & Only a Woman;
May - Doo wacka doo & Ring My Bells; July - Leave Me and Those Were the Days.


Rick and Joan Bowen were instructors at Swiss Park back in the mid 1980's. More here.
Steven Garrison uploaded his Tumbleweed Youtube on July 28, 2012.
This is a close match for the original circa 1983 Tumbleweed 29 count 2 wall step sheet.
Rick and Joan Bowen wrote a 5-step turning vine LEFT. His full turns are to the left.

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Ring My Bells - Julia Wetzel Ivory Towers - Ria Vos
New York 2 LA - Rachael McEnaney Not So Ordinary - Niels Poulsen
Fault Line - Joey Warren Only A Woman - Niels Poulsen
Wanna Be Contigo - Julia Wetzel Leave Me - Cathy Dacumos
I Hope You Find It - Niels Poulsen Doo wacka doo - Guyton/Maria
Westhope Church Saratoga Intermediate w/Doris & Carol
Say Geronimo Monday 9:30 Playlist August 25 ASAP

Say Geronimo
Thursday 9:30 Playlist August 28 ASAP
  2nd Saturday September $7 @ 7PM