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August 18 2-5:30 SnK fundraising tentative playlist @ Cupertino YMCA

Collaboration Class w/Doris Volz @ Westhope Church Hall, Saratoga, CA
Monday 9:30 - 11:30 July 23 review Lost in Love
PLAYLIST will end at 11 AM if no AC
Thursday 9:30 - 11:30 July 26 Schoolyard King
If no AC; class ends at 11AM
The NEXT scheduled 4th Thursday @ The Moose happens August 23rd

2018 2nd Sat August thru Oct @ Westhope Church Hall 6:45- 9:30 PM $10
* (Swiss Park full floor) Playlist August 10: Jessie James, 1929, *Love Remains, Pieces, *Vanotek Cha, *Cold Feet, *WOW Tokyo, Hold a Candle, *Pull You Through, *Doing The Walk, *Tightrope, *To The Moon & Back, *All The King's Horses, No Excuses, *Beautiful Flames, *Follow My Footprints, I'll Be Home Soon, *Beyond Beautiful, Patient Heart, All My Heart, *Wandering Hearts, Thai Of My Life, *Holding On To Yesterday, *Pink Hearts, *Time To Surrender, *True Believer, *Vancouver Fireworks, *Slam Goes the Door, *Vip, *Beautiful in My Eyes, *I Will Follow Him, *Lost in Love

Doris Volz is an Instructor, archived Internet Pioneer & Line Dance Historian @ Internet and @ Internet
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