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Yvonne demo/teach Hold A Candle INSTANT class hit!

Collaboration Class w/Doris Volz @ Westhope Church Hall, Saratoga, CA
Monday 9:30 - 11:30 April 23 playlist & walk Hold A Candle
Thursday 9:30 - 11:30 Apr 19 Hold A Candle

2018 2nd Sat May thru Oct @ Westhope Church Hall 6:45- 9:30 PM $10
Playlist May 12: Follow My Footprints, Hold A Candle, I Hate Love Songs, No Excuses, Pull You Through, Tightrope, Vanotek Cha, Pieces, Extreme Love, Vanotek Cha

Doris Volz is an Instructor, archived Internet Pioneer & Line Dance Historian @ Internet and @ Internet

Classic line dances documented via youtube, w/signed sheets from my collection
Walkin Wazi Michael CALLAHAN/Dave Getty
TUSH PUSH Ken ENGEL 1978 Slappin' Leather Gayle Brandon
1983 Tumbleweed Rick & Joan BOWEN 1986 Alley Cat Donna Aiken 1987 Hooked on Country Doug Miranda
1989 Cruisin' Neil HALE 1991 All My Exes Live In Texas Ganean De La GRANGE, Mustang Sally (Cajun Style) Damon D'Amico
1992 Bar Room Romeo Ron HOLLIDAY, Midnight Waltz Jo THOMPSON, Waltz Across Texas Lois &John NIELSON
1993 Hot Tamales Neil Hale
1994 Cha Cha Lengua Neil HALE, Cowgirls' Twist B BADER, Dance Ranch Romp J THOMPSON, Rock It Hillbilly RICK, Watermelon Crawl S Lipscomb
1995 RIP
Fly Like A Bird Hedy MCADAMS, Smokey Places Michele PERRON
1996 Honky Tonk Twist Swamp Thang Max PERRY, RIP OOH! AAH! Sal GONZALEZ, Swing Time Boogie S BLEVINS, Uno Dos Tres S McCLURE
1997 Hurricane Sal GONZALEZ, Jambalaya Ian StLEON, Men In Black James O. KELLERMAN (First R&B/Hip-Hop), Razor Sharp Stephen SUNTER,
Backstreet Attitude Jamie MARSHALL, Dizzy Jo THOMPSON, Titanic Simon WARD
1999 After Midnight Judy MCDONALD, Have Fun Go Mad Scott BLEVINS, Islands in The Stream Karen JONES, Larger Than Life Simon WARD
2000 Booty Shakin' Patrick FLEMING, RIP Chilly Cha Cha/Blue Finger Lou A T Kinson, Swingin' R's Royston/INGENTHRON
2001 Chill Factor Daniel Whittaker/Hayley Westhead, Hold Your Horses AT Kinson /Tom Mickers
2002 Come Dance With Me Jo Thompson, D.H.S.S. Gaye Teather, Evergreen Karen Hunn, Rio Diana Lowery
Beer For My Horses Christine Bass, Cool Whip Judy McDonald, Poetry In Motion MIL, Swing Your Chains Soares/Maguire, Wave on Wave Alan Birchall
2004 Mars Attack Rachael McEnaney, On The Water Pete Harkness 2005 Bosa Nova Phil Dennington, Simplemente Kate Sala
2006 Heart of An Angel William Brown, Rock This Party Simon Ward 2008 Amame Robbie McGowan Hickie
Jesse James & Toes Rachael McEnaney, Mamma Maria w/Million+ Frank Trace, Under The Sun Sue Hsu/Kathy Chang
1234 N Poulsen, Bittersweet Memory R Vos, Burlesque N Gifford First 'gone viral via Youtube', Hello Dolly Lorraine Kurtela, Wonderland Waltz R Fowler
Something in the Water w/Million+ Niels Poulsen 2012 Beautiful In My Eyes Simon Ward, 50 Ways Pat Stott
2013 Mirrors Glass/Craig (first USA Event contra), Shakin' My Head, WOW Tokyo
2014 American Kids, Dear Future Husband, Off The Chain, Uptown Funk
2015 Better When I'm Dancing Julia Wetzel (18 days from release to Event Floor), Ain't Misbehavin', Lay Low, Sugar Honey I.T. Strip It Down, Whip It
2016 Handclap, Pieces Dustin Betts (First 'USA Event Hit by unknown')
, Shady, So Just Dance Dance Dance, Take Me to The River
2017 Lonely Drum

USA Event Playlist Dances documented by Stacy Garcia
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