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In October 2018, Q posted this event would happen, and when it did, it would validate the Qanon movement as real, not a conspiracy therory as the main stream media is claiming. The Q on the baby's onsie was the signifier for the World to see. President Trump openly acknowledged Q baby on July 17, 2019 at his North Carolina rally. I read for Q posts. I check this Youtube channel And We Know published by a Master Sergeant (ret) U.S. Marine Corp who reads/decodes POTUS tweets and Qanon posts. Main Stream Media & GOOGLE are not telling us about the 'big club'
RIP George Carlin, you were a very brave man to stand up and be an American.

June 2008 'heart attack death' 1 week after 'bull shit is the glue' performance

I believe @ 5:17, he told his last truth, & the Cabal, GHWBush, ended him at 71

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2019 every other 2nd Sat Afternoon @ Westhope Church Hall 2 - 4:30 $10
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